Manual refractor MR-100

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Sphere (SPH) :-19.00D ~ +16.75D (0.25D increments, or 0.12D increments when auxiliary ±0.12D lens used)(or, -29.00D ~ +26.75D (0.12D increments) (when optional ±10D lens used))
Cylinder (CYL) :0D ~ -6D (0.25D increments, or 0.12D increments when auxiliary ±0.12D lens used)(0D ~ -8D (0.12/0.25D increments)(when optional -2.00D lens used))
Axis (AX) :0° ~ 180° (5° increments)
Cross-Cynlinder :±0.25D, reversed-type (synchronized AX)±0.50D (optional)
Built-In Optical Filters :Red, Green, Polarized, Maddox Vertical, Maddox Horizontal, Cross-Cylinder ±0.50D
Rotation Prism :0 ~ 20Δ (1Δ increments)
Convergence Adjustments :57~ 80 mm (optical axes aligned at the distance of 400 mm from cornea vertex, 2 mm each for left and right)
PD Distance Adjustment (PD) :48 ~ 80 mm (1 mm increments)
Vertex Distance (VD) :13.75 mm
Field of view :19 mm
Other Information
Head-Support Adjustment :±16 mm (front, back)
Dimensions :338 x 320 x 96 mm
Weight :5 kg (net)

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