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MagniLink S

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The MagniLink S 3rd generation is everything and more you have come to expect from the leading reading and distance camera on the market today! Easily carried between home, school or work, and is deployed in seconds. The MagniLink S comes with the latest technology for superior image quality and is easy and fast to connect to a computer – or directly to a monitor. Plus it can even read text aloud.

MagniLink S Computer
The MagniLink S Computer is ideal for students needing an affordable and portable system that can be connected to any PC or Mac with its USB 3.0 connector or can now be connected to a Chromebook via USB connection. Use it to read books and documents. Follow along with lecture notes on the whiteboard, and then take a snapshot to study later.

You can control all functions with your computer keyboard. The camera is available in SD resolution. The modern, sleek design fits in most situations. Thanks to foldable support legs, the MagniLink S can be placed tightly alongside a laptop, which minimizes the footprint.

MagniLink S Computer/Monitor
Use MagniLink S Computer/Monitor in a classroom for viewing materials or to record a lesson or presentation with the video recording feature. The system can also be used as a regular video magnifier at home, connected to a LVI monitor and a docking station. 

MagniLink S Computer/Monitor comes with both HDMI and USB 3.0 connections and can be controlled by the integrated control box or from the computer’s keyboard. The camera is available in HD or SD resolution.

MagniLink S TTS
MagniLink S TTS offers all your favorite features including Text-To-Speech. It comes with an HD camera, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectors, as well as built in control panel and OCR functionality for TTS.

Text can be read aloud increase reading speed and endurance. MagniLink S TTS reads any printed text by sentence, word or paragraph. The OCR scanned text can be saved and opened in a text editor for proofing and rewrites.

MagniLink S TTS makes reading more efficient - use with headphones or in silent mode when you do not want to disturb your environment. 

Excellent image quality
There’s no ghosting with 60 fps (full digital frames/second). High brightness and contrast (high quality light sensitive lens). HDMI connection and HD/SD progressive high resolution for flicker-free image and sharp edges. The result is an unmatched, superior image. 

The latest technology
Super-speed USB 3.0 connection - ten times faster and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. HDMI connection to monitor - for fast and stable connection.
Lightweight and portable
MagniLink S is always accessible; sets-up and is ready to use in virtually seconds. Place the system to the left or the right side of the laptop - the excellent design makes it flexible and shock resistant.

High quality material
Construction with casted metal and advanced plastic materials throughout, combined with high quality technology, including the camera lens. All parts designed for durability and recyclability in mind.

Powered by the computer
The user will never worry about battery strength or misplaced battery chargers.

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