AcuView Diagnostic Tool

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The AcuView is the first all in one diagnostic tool which allows the practitioner the ability to test the client’s acuity and low vision efficacy in a single device. It’s space saving design fits nicely in any exam room or sight center and allows the clinician complete control over the testing desired.

While in Video Magnifier mode, the 3-in-1 HD camera allows the patient to experience tabletop, distance and self-viewing modes. They can be assessed on preferred size of magnification, best color contrast, reading, writing and other tasks.

The AcuView also has text to speech which allows the user to simply press a button and have the machine read back the text audibly which helps reduce eye strain.

When the toggle button is pushed, the clinician can activate the digital acuity chart and further diagnose the client using several different tests. The AcuView includes 21 standard eye tests.

The AcuView takes Low Vision Eye Management to the next level. It is ideal for doctor offices wanting to include low vision and technology assessments in their practice, or independent living organizations or others wanting to offer non clinical low vision assessments.

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